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April 19, 2007


Welcome to the UM Wiki Development Blog. It's interesting that as I write the first entry wiki.umn.edu is not responding. Those of you who've taken a trip over to System Status know this is a short outage while the wiki's server finds itself a cooler facing direction in the data center. What better time could there be to usher in a new blog about UM Wiki and what we're doing over at JaWS and the Helpline to update and improve on this great online tool?

The idea here is to give our wiki users on campus and further afield a place to see what we're working on and to provide feedback, criticism and encouragement as we add features and fix bugs. The wiki itself is a powerful information management tool, but is not designed to be a blog. One feature we do hope to add in the future is the ability to read in XML content from an ATOM or RSS feed into the wiki so that things like the news feed for this blog can be displayed dynamically in a wiki topic, but in the meantime we'll be adding a link to Main.WebHome pointing interested users to this blog.

As we get some of our ideas for what we'd like to do next listed here please share your comments and feedback. Let us know what you think about these plans, what features you're excited about and what you'd really like to see us working on that we're not. We're looking forward to hearing from you our users and we hope your excited to hear a bit more from us.