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Tired of being locked out?

Ever put a small typo in a ALLOWTOPICCHANGE statement? I know I have, but as an UmWiki Administrator, I have the luxury of being able to edit a page regardless of its' permissions. Very handy, but it also is easy to forget how frustrating this can be for a regular user.

To help alleviate that frustration, we are testing out a new feature on wiki-dev.umn.edu where the user will not be able to save a topic if they have will not have access to the topic in the future.

To clarify, TWiki (the software behind UmWiki), always would check if you had permission to change a topic, based on the current topic settings, not the future settings. Which meant a small typo or accidental formatting, could remove your permission to edit the topic after the save. UmWiki will now additionally check that you will still be able to edit the page once you have saved.

This issue was more than an annoyance, as it hindered people using the wiki, rather than facilitating their work. In fact, with just a character out of place, a user could be locked out of their entire Web, prevented from even seeing the issue.

So please go ahead and test this new safety net. Hopefully there aren't any issues, but its better to find and fix them now.

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