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Wiki-Dev is Back!

We're up and running again. Our test server does not have the necessary disk space to host the attachments from production. What this means is although your wiki topics (pages) will have all of their text, attached graphics and docs will likely not be available. If this makes testing difficult or you have concerns about this send e-mail to wiki@umn.edu and we'll work with you to get the material you need to show up on wiki-dev so you can test properly.


I was looking at my CCODBA web and the header graphic I had attached is being overlayed by the text "UMWiki." The old system removed the "UMWiki" text when I added my own logo graphic.

The WYSIWYG editor will be a welcome addition for some of our users. I think the fear of learning Wiki code has kept a lot of people from creating topics and hopefully this can encourage them to try more.

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