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August 27, 2008

The Move is Over

We've Moved

https://wiki.umn.edu is now on its new home. Some users of outside DNS servers may see the old server for a while yet. The old server is read-only and will have a broadcast message at the top. We'll bring the old server down completely once we're sure DNS records have updated completely. Bugs and feedback should continue to be emailed to wiki@umn.edu. Your help finding issues and suggesting improvements is appreciated.

What's Next

Once UM Wiki is settled into its new home we'll get back to the business of updating plugins and fixing bugs while looking at what features we can add later this year.

August 25, 2008

No Section Edit?

The excellent SectionalEditPlugin provides some much needed functionality to UM Wiki allowing us to break up articles into sections and edit one piece of a wiki topic at a time. Unfortunately the currently installed WYSIWYG plugin on the new wiki server has a conflict with the version of section edit we're running forcing us to disable one or the other. At this point we've chosen to keep WYSIWYG on and are planning to test updated versions of both plugins after we're done with the move tomorrow night (August 26, 2008). For those of our users who depend on the SectionalEditPlugin our apologies. We'll have it back up and running as soon as possible.

August 21, 2008

UM Wiki Move Scheduled August 26 at 8pm

On Tuesday, August 26 at 8pm UM Wiki will move to its new server. This process should take roughly an hour during which the wiki will be alternately read-only and unavailable while we copy data and point the wiki.umn.edu address at the new server. We're still very interested in your feedback on the new server.

August 11, 2008

Button Madness

Due to instability with the new WYSIWYG editor we've moved the default back to the enhanced TWiki editor. This was the default behavior. The WYSIWYG editor is still there and still works great for basic pages. It's only when you get into advanced TWiki variables that the editor begins to have difficulty translating between html and TWiki markup. Feedback on any of these changes is much appreciated.

August 5, 2008

A New Server for UMWiki

We have finished our initial setup and testing on a new server for UMWiki. UMWiki's new home is up and running at wiki-new.software.umn.edu and has a copy of the data from wiki.umn.edu as of last Friday August 1, 2008. Any changes made on wiki-new will be lost when we do the final move from the old wiki server to the new one in a few weeks. Between now and then we still have a few more plugins to update and test and some documentation to finish updating.

In the meanwhile we'd like you to test the new setup and send us feedback before we go live. In addition to faster hardware we've added the following features:

  • WYSIWYG - You've been asking for it and we've finally been able to install it. Please test the WYSIWYG edit extensively. We will be providing an option to disable it where complex TWiki Markup prevents it from working properly.
  • Updated TWiki Editor - New shortcut functions.
  • Updated look and feel - We now have some more choices for how UMWiki looks. Instructions will be forthcoming if you prefer the old look as well as some other alternate new appearances.
  • Updated Plugins - Several of the TWiki Plugins we rely on were in need of an update. Any help you can provide in making sure these new versions haven't broken anything is appreciated.

Please test wiki-new and making sure all your content still looks right and that plugins are all working as they have in the past. We have done internal testing but we are always grateful for your help in finding anything we miss. Please send feedback to wiki@umn.edu. Our plan now is to finish our short list of remaining changes--more updates will appear here as they happen--and fix any new bugs that you report to us. Once we're satisfied that wiki-new is ready to become production, we'll copy the data over one last time and point wiki.umn.edu to the new box.