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September 22, 2008


Update: Fixed!

So by "next few days" I must have meant to say September to October. Group forms are once again working per design.

Users will see the following line on group pages for the next few days: %EDITPREFERENCES{TWiki.GroupForm}%

The Preferences Plugin which we rely on to create the group management form is not saving changes to groups. We are working to fix this and decided to disable the plugin until we have it resolved.

While this is going on you can still edit your groups:

  1. Click the normal Edit button in the upper right corner of the page (do not use the WYSIWYG editor for group or preferences editing)
  2. Look for the line
    * Set GROUP = Main.internetid, Main.x500, Main.etc
  3. Continue adding Internet ID's or WikiNames to the line above. Make sure to put a comma between each entry and to start each entry with "Main." while keeping them all on one line.

We'll get the plugin back up and running as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.

September 2, 2008

Wiki Error on Save

Update: The problems have been resolved and we are looking into ways to avoid this incident repeating itself.

UM Wiki is currently experiencing RCS errors when saving a topic causes a new revision to be made. To put that in something closer to english:

When you make a change to your page you'll get an error message and the History page won't include your changes. Your changes will get added to the most current version of the page.

We're working to resolve this as quick as we can but its related to some other systems UM Wiki sits on top of so it may take a while to get this tracked down and resolved. It is a good idea to stop editing UM Wiki until we post an all clear here and on System Status. We appreciate your patience while we resolve these issues.