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March 4, 2009


Since its creation, UM Wiki has been based on the TWiki wiki platform. TWiki has many advanced features and is very extensible. Although the learning curve has sometimes proved difficult for our users, the overall experience has been a good one. Recently there were some disputes among the TWiki developer community. From a U of M perspective the dispute is less important than the result which is that the vast majority of critical developers forked(definition) forming the Foswiki project.

Currently the Foswiki development community is very active and working on a host of bug fixes and new features we'd like to take advantage of for UM Wiki. One little-known fact is that the System Status site is also based on TWiki. The Office of Information Technology is currently testing a new version of system status based on Foswiki 1.0 and we are pleased so far with the results. If the new software performs as well in production as it does in test, we hope to move UM Wiki to a Foswiki base sometime in Summer of 2009. This will hopefully be after the official Foswiki 1.1 release which will include many usability and performance improvements over the current UM Wiki code base.

March 2, 2009

Changing the Title of your Topic (page)

Recently you may have noticed %TOPICPARENT% showing up in the breadcrumbs along the top of some UM Wiki pages.

Due to a bug in the editing add-on we use for UM Wiki the "parent" for a page was being changed every time the page was saved regardless of whether or not it changed. In some rare cases the parent was also being changed to odd values such as %TOPICPARENT%. The best solution we were able to come up with was to remove the "Settings" tab from the edit page. As the only setting was the broken topic parent setting. You can still change the topic parent by clicking on the "More topic actions..." link at the bottom of every page in UM Wiki.