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August 21, 2007

The Big Day

So today is The Big Day™ for UM Wiki and we're pretty excited. To summarize what's new:

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August 16, 2007

Custom Header Graphics

There is a new variable being used now to specify the header text. It is %WEBTITLE%. So whereas in the old wiki you had to provide a graphic with your title, you can now simply add

* Set WEBTITLE = whatever you want the title to be

to your WebPreferences topic. If you have an existing WEBLOGO graphic with the title as part of the image that you don't want to change, you can use

* Set WEBTITLE =  

to clear out the UM Wiki from the header.

For even more customization you can now create a topic named WebTopBar in your Wiki Web and completely customize your header.

Wiki-Dev is Back!

We're up and running again. Our test server does not have the necessary disk space to host the attachments from production. What this means is although your wiki topics (pages) will have all of their text, attached graphics and docs will likely not be available. If this makes testing difficult or you have concerns about this send e-mail to wiki@umn.edu and we'll work with you to get the material you need to show up on wiki-dev so you can test properly.

Test Server Down

Wiki-dev is currently not responding due to a lack of disk space. While we had copied wiki data over from UM Wiki Tuesday 8/14, the attachments were not copied over to wiki-dev until last night. We misjudged the disk space on the test server (similar hardware/software but unfortunately not the same drive capacity of our production environment). We'll post a note here when the server is back in business. Again this is a space issue and not directly related to the changes we'll be making to production next Tuesday.

August 15, 2007

Tired of being locked out?

Ever put a small typo in a ALLOWTOPICCHANGE statement? I know I have, but as an UmWiki Administrator, I have the luxury of being able to edit a page regardless of its' permissions. Very handy, but it also is easy to forget how frustrating this can be for a regular user.

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August 14, 2007

Fall Changes

Big changes are a brewing at http://wiki-dev.software.umn.edu this week. We're requesting that our users take a peak at what's new now and provide us feedback through wiki@umn.edu and the comments on this blog. We've moved over a snapshot of production data from this morning. We did NOT move attachments. No changes made to http://wiki-dev.software.umn.edu will affect your live data on http://wiki.umn.edu. To see what's new and what we're planning to migrate to production check for posts with a category of Fall 2007. If testing goes smoothly we'll be migrating these changes to the production wiki on Tuesday, August 21.