April 21, 2008

research two

sources for research

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research one

first draft essay

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April 6, 2008

brainstorming about projects, 4-6-08

for my documentary style video, our next project, i think i am going to interview joy nollenburg, a u of m graduate who has started a non profit called the joy project offering free support and services for eating disorders. i have used/been a part of the joy project, and continue to be amazed how much she has done with her life. it seems so strange to me how someone just like you or me, seemingly a 'normal' twentysomething has already been to dc meeting with the senate for funding for her non profit. i really hope she will have time to sit down with me, but im a little nervous, i am not too good with interviews!

for our final project, i think i want to do another photo essay. i was thinking about doing something on the new idea of 'mean girls'. another idea i have is the concept of celebrity worship in women and tabloids/paparrazi and taking a look at what that says about who we are as a society right now.

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February 19, 2008

practice screen capture


February 16, 2008

response: reframings

reading response to chapter 8
representing women: the politics of self representation

The aims/goals of the book are to present art by women to be viewed in a new light. the images are "re-framed' and grouped together in order to make a statement about what feminist art is and what feminist art does

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February 10, 2008

reflections: media consumption

we are always some what consious of the fact that the media's message is powerful, i just didnt realize quite how powerful! in the 2 days of this experiment, i faced the realization that my media consumption is ALWAYS going. the messages the media is trying to preach are incredibly prevelant in my life... whether i realize it or not! i was incredibly shocked at the fact that for basically every minute of my life, i'm pretty sure i am consuming media. to realize that there are messages being thrown at me from the time i wake up, to the time i go to bed (and probably even in my dreams!) is a little frightening, and it really makes me aware of how much affect the outside world has on my inner thoughts.

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February 3, 2008

reflections: class 1/29/08

this week in class, we discussed the ideas of some feminists, broadening our horizons on the many different principles and methods of action there are in the fight for gender equality. with the guerrilla girls, we discussed their platform, a noble cause pertaining to women artists getting the respect they desearve in the art world, and the ways they go about getting heard, such as protests, and the modification of everyday objects with their ideas on them (billboards, coasters, etc). these ideas were really strategic to me, it seemed as if thy definatley got their message heard, especially considering they were giving a speech at MoMa, one of their main subjects ridiculed. it seemed as if they had had a lot of success, and their method, of making their own media, was a good one to learn from. the other reading, by pozer, was full of ideas about feminism being destroyed by mainstream media.

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January 27, 2008

cyber girl

okay, so the online world is nothing new to me. my boyfriend likes to tell me i have an internet addiction... but who doesn't these days? the internet has become a vital part of everyday life, it is the new means of communication. makeing things like dictionaries, televisions, newspapers.. every daily used item, obsolete. when thinking about the internet's comments on femininity, my mind jumps to the images splashed on every web page. from facebook pictures, to celebritiy gossip websites, to 'thinspiration' blogs, images are present that shape every womans vision of what her apperance should be. the internet has taken what monthly magazines use to communicate a message on body image and stereotypes and made it an every second constant bombardment of visual perfect, however unattainable it may be.