February 9, 2007

British Tycoon offers $25 million prize to fight global warming

i went to the international section and decided i wouldn't do a blog on Iraq. I chose this article. it's fluff, sort of, compared to articles about war.
I suppose it's a good article. one thing the reporter neglected to do was give balance by interviewing people who are incredulous about global warming. The report instead focuses on the new report that came out last week and celebrities like Richard Branson, that charismatic "tycoon" of the headline, and Al Gore. It's not that the anti-global warming people need to be given as much space, just a mention, just to show that the report is objective. The tidbit about how this is similar to the Longitude competition from the late 17th and early 18th centuries was interesting. i never knew that. still, the reporter didnt get all the sides.