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In Storm’s Aftermath, Cow Roundups in Southeast Texas


In Hurricane Ike's aftermath, along the Texas coasts, ranchers and cattlemen are searching for all their wayward cows.
Apparently cows float pretty well, because their four stomachs are full of air.
The piece is written with both an immediately local perspective, making it important to the people in Texas, but also translates maybe to people in the midwest, who lose cows in tornadoes, or many other farmers who can have their business wiped out by natural disasters.
In addition to talking about the cows that are lost, we also learn that the vegetation from the water has been gnarled by the saltwater.
One man, Harold Clubb from Hamshire, Texas, has only recovered 250 of his 2,700 cows. Also, the grassland he owned as pastures was nearly all destroyed by the saltwater.
“I’m 76 years old,? Mr. Clubb said, shaking his head. “I don’t know what I’m going to do.?
"The federal Natural Resources Conservation Service is working with state animal welfare and agriculture agencies to mount efforts to dispose of the thousands of decaying carcasses in the area. Mr. Staples said they would begin burning the animals in trenches this weekend."

Hard stuff. it'd be interesting to have follow-up articles on this subject, exploring what this will do to grocery prices and the beef industry, that sort of stuff.