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35W has people thinking about other area construction


The 35W bridge went up in 11 months. Some highway construction projects take more than three years. People have begun asking why.

The article doesn't really answer "Why" it just says what things were special about the 35W construction and juxtaposes them with other projects, like highway 62 and parts of 494.

For instance, the 35W project had just one manager over everything, not a bunch of managers for different parts. Certainly, streamlining like this and taking out a bunch of the middlemen is a good thing and helped stuff get through quicker.

35W also was using some of the most modern construction practices.

Also, since the road was completely closed (read: gone) there was no traffic, and when there's no traffic, construction crews can work a lot quicker.

It's a good article in that it points out the special circumstances of the 35W bridge apart from the fact that it was a tragedy and there was immense need and approval to get it up quickly.
It doesn't really answer "Why" though, but it couldnt without straying into the realm of opinion. So maybe the opinions page will answer that question.