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Air advisory issued

The Star Tribune reported that this afternoon and tomorrow, the Twin Cities area, along with St. Cloud and Brainerd, are "under attack" from pollution that may compromise the air quality for "sensitive groups" like people with allergies (me) and old folks or people with respiratory problems.
The pollution is known as ground-level ozone. Apparently, this is just all the crud that comes out of cars and exhaust and stuff mixing with other crud and being baked by the hot sun. It must have something to do with the brief period we've been having of no rain; maybe all the dryness makes for better crud-cooking conditions. I only speculate this because a Pollution Control supervisor said the advisory will last until late Thursday or Friday when showers are expected.
Meanwhile, The Pioneer Press reports that people who like to run and play outside, in addition to those who suffer from allergies and respiratory ailments, should take it easy for the next couple of days, to cut down on the risk of being irritated. They also say that this air pollution advisory falls just short of a full-on pollution alert.
The P.P. also says that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is asking people to drive less, not cut the grass, and not have bonfires. These ground-level ozone things build up during the morning.
The Pioneer Press points you in the direction of where to track pollution levels.
Neither story really has any sources. Strib had one - these might just be briefs for now. Maybe we'll hear more on it tomorrow.
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