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Man goes on police chase early tuesday morning

a 26-year-old man named Jimmy gene McNab was all wasted and had a chase across three county lines in his mustang with police. they finally stopped him basically because his car was nearly undriveable (my words, not the reporter's). I found this online at the strib's Web site. his tire was flat and it had lost so much rubber that he was driving on the rim and shooting sparks everywhere. Then as soon as he gets out of the car, a little dog gets out with him. Luckily the dog was OK. Richard Meryhew's kicker was a quote from the police saying that luckily no one was injured, even the dog turned out OK. then Meryhew says "except for McNab, whose next court appearance is July 24." i thought that was a good kicker.
Also, this story is structured just like we were supposed to structure our news story for the spot news lab. It's got the most important facts in the first section, such as what he's being charged with, where he's from, what region of MN this took place in, and then goes into a chronilogical re-telling thanks to the police report. this could have been one of our stories in a can.