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Man threatens Obama, Mall of America

A 20-year-old Colorado man surrendered after being indicted of threatening to kill President Obama and blowing up the Mall of America through e-mails, Thursday.

Timothy Ryan Gutierrez of Cortez, Colo. sent an e-mail to the FBI writing “I'm going to assassinate the new president of the United States of America. PS you have 48 hours to stop it from happening,� according to StarTribune.

Another e-mail was sent regarding the Mall of America in which Gutierrez wrote “I have rigged 40 pounds of C4, He and my favorite, TNT, to 7 cars outside the Mall of America,� according to Fox 9.

The FBI investigated the threats immediately and Gutierrez was held without bail at FBI’s office in Durango. (StarTribune)

Gutierrez is charged with one count each of “transmission in interstate commerce of threats� and “transmission of threats in interstate commerce to use explosives,� according to Fox 9.