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Father shot and killed 5 children, himself

A father shot and killed his five children in his home in Washington state after arguing with his wife about another man earlier Friday, according to police.

James Harrison, 34, shot and killed four of his children in their bedrooms and the fifth in the bathroom, according to the New York Times.

Harrison had found his wife with another man on Friday night, and went back to his home without her. Relatives were at the house for a part of the night, but left before the shootings occurred, according to CNN.

Harrison was found early Saturday morning dead inside his SUV in an adjacent county, Detective Ed Troyer told CNN Radio on Sunday. He had shot himself with a rifle.

The children were identified by neighbors as Maxine, 16; Samantha, 14 or 15; Jamie, 11; Heather, 8; and James, 7, according to the New York Times.

Spokeswoman Sherry Hill told the New York Times that it was not clear who had called the agency to come to the house.