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Level III offender charged with raping boy

A Level III sex offender is charged with a sex crime in Hopkins, just two weeks after moving in with his parents in the city, according to the StarTribune.

Timothy Cavier, 27, was arrested March 27 and charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct involving a 16-year-old boy, according to The Daily Republic.

Cavier is held in Hennepin County jail on $150,000 bail, according to The Daily Republic.

Prosecutors allege Cavier met the teenager, from Rockville, Minn., online. While at Cavier's on March 13 to 15, the boy willingly performed one type of sexual act, according to the StarTribune. He then refused another sexual act, the StarTribune reported.

The state has labeled Cavier as a Level III offender due to his potential to re-offend, The Daily Republic reported.

Cavier was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl in Hopkins, and also has a history of indecent exposure, according to the StarTribune.