April 21, 2005


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My T.V. show!!!

My favorite t.v. show of all times was 90210. I used to love this show because Brandon was/is so fine. I enjoy watching this movie b/c I like drama (when its on t.v.) and 90210 was full of it for the most part. This t.v. reminds me of the friendships that I had with a lot of my friends before we all decided to go our seperate ways in life. I remember how we all tried to date our friends boyfriend friends, so that we can double date w/out going through all the "first-date" anxiety.
The connection of a term that relates to why I enjoy 90210 is from chapter 10 (Couldn't find a connection w/ chapter 9) Differences. The term differences explains why the friends in 90210 argued, made-up, hung-out together on a daily based, and so much more! 90210 does a good job at showing the differences in the personalities of the characters in the T.V. show. The differences in their personalities affect the role of each character.

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April 12, 2005

light rail


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April 6, 2005

light rail

When I first heard that Minnesota was getting a light rail I was very negative about the whole thing. I remember when the road workers began to to tear up the roads over on Hiawatha. I remember riding over the big pot holes or even taking detours. I was really sick of seeing the orange road work signs all across town. I think that I let other people opinions influence how I felt about the light rail! Now that I think back, I really didn't care then and I really,really don't care now! I never road the light rail and didn't plan on riding it.

However, I think the system would be much quicker for those who need that particular service. I on the other hand, don't need that particular service b/c I am content with the bus whenever I do decide to ride the metro transportation.

After I completed my ride on the light rail I was able to conduct my analysis on one of the three S's. I got off at the Lindbergh Termainal not knowing it was the main station! I picked sequestration to do my analysis with because the station had several hiden functions. The main function that I was pleased with was the food court! I thought about doing an analysis on synecdoche because the structure of the building is somewhat like the capital. The building looks like it cost alot of money to build! I like how the roof on the building set it apart from the other light rail stations. If you enter into the Lindbergh Terminal, you will know that you are in the main building because it is way superior compared to some of the other terminals that I have seen.

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April 2, 2005

yellow arrow

I would place a yellow arrow at Lincoln Middle School park. Which, is located on the northside of Minneapolis, Mn. The park is located on Penn which is right off the Olsen Highway. I would place the arrow in this location b/c this is where I grew up. I can remember coming home from middle school and heading straight to the park! I enjoyed playing all the kiddie games that we all can relate to. For example, tag and hide go seek. Lincoln park is a place that everyone should visit b/c it has alot of entertainment for people of all ages!

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