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Response to "Cop Killer"

There were two things that intrigued me about the article that our class recently read. The first is the theory of deracialization, and the second is actually something that we discussed in class regarding the article.
I was interested in deracialization because I had never heard, or though about the concept before. In my opinion, deracialization is basically just tip-toeing around racism. I can’t believe that CLEAT had the audacity to target a song that they’d never heard, but, instead of attacking the artist directly, they attacked the company that he was affiliated with. I think that this method of avoiding racism is ridiculous because it makes the attackers seem more racist in the long-run. Obviously, their “beef? was never with Time/Warner because Time/Warner represents everything that rich, white people love. From the beginning, their problem was with Ice-T, his lyrics, and the fact that he was a black man trying to express himself.
Deracialization also contradicts what the opponents of “Cop Killer? did. In the essay, it was mentioned that the attackers labeled “Cop Killer? as rap, when, in fact, the song was some sort of thrash metal hybrid. The rap label immediately connotes young, black, angry youths. In my opinion, this was racist.
I’d also like to comment on the Vh1 show “White Rapper.? It was mentioned in class that upon elimination, the white rappers have to throw their shows over a telephone wire. I can’t believe that Vh1 is ignorant enough to take something that, for many people, symbolizes fear/violence, and make a complete mockery out of it. Yeah Vh1, gangs, and crack dens are really hilarious. On Vh1’s next reality show, if one is eliminated from competition, then one will probably be sent to a concentration camp, or maybe they’ll be shackled, and forced to work on a plantation or something. The possibilities are endless.


Hey, I never thought about it. They did treat the song as another rap track when it really was a long-haired metal joint.

Nick - You do really well here to express why the critics of the song didn't look at the details of race, why they decided instead to attack the Time-Warner. It seems to me that until people are willing to be really honest about just why they object to other people's cultural choices then a wider understanding between groups will never be able to occur. Good posting.

I really like the ideas that you talked about in your entry. I never thought about the whole Time Warner/Ice-T thing and who was trying to blame who. The way to portrayed Time Warner as money hungry white rich people was pretty accurate to me. They just wanted to oppress him any way that they could.

And with "White Rapper"....I couldn't agree more.