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An early storyboard of the animation on the main page of my website.

I want to keep the current animation I have for website but I want the new animation to build from that. The old animation has clouds that disappear when the animation is completed. In the new animation those clouds will transform into vector clouds that I made for my interactive Buff Monster project (you can see a sketch in the above attachments). In these clouds there will be black circles that will shoot out different logos or designs that I have made in the past. These logos will also have black circle shooting out different elements. This is how I plan to grow my animation. I have still not figured out how I am going to have the vector face animate in but I believe I have everything around the face figured or at least a rough idea of what I want to happen.

I am currently sketching out a more in depth story board and hope to have that posted Monday or Wednesday of next week.


Ben, it looks like you've tried to incorporate a new style on old blog templates. I've written some instructions on how to make this work:


Or, I could revert your blog back to its old style for now. Just let me know.

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