May 6, 2008

Blog 8/9 FINAL Presentations...


I chose to write about how our presentation went. I know that we were short on time but overall I thought that it went well. Throughout this entire project I learned a TON about the issues, policies and modern solutions to some of the problems with child mortality. I know that I have also learned many new things on early teen pregnancies and how to prevent STIs, pregnancy and how C-sections are not meant to be a modern luxury. With the technology that we have in our country we should not have to worry about child mortality as much as we do. Issues begin with the doctors and the absence of knowledge to mothers. Young children are often not fed correctly or raised in a safe environment. With a review of the current policies and a new environment for women and children, we can turn around the issues in America dealing with maternal fatalities and the loss of children's lives.



Going along with our project, I was really impressed with Sarah and Burt's presentation on reducing child mortality. This shocking on how Afghanistan is so cruel to women and the way that they treat them. With the idea of public beatings, restriction from an education, no laughing, loud talking or medical care, this place is horrible! I understand that it is a 3rd world country but the risk to children, as we found, is so high! 6 million children dying when every single one of those deaths could have been prevented. These facts are appalling and sad to hear about the poor children and their living status.

One of the worst things about the situation on Afghanistan was that women didn't even know how to breast feed and their children were drinking dirty water that often was full of disease that could be lethal. With no health care or education, women and their children are at a HUGE disadvantage.

Overall, I really thought that this presentation was interesting. It was cool to see how many of their facts tied in with our own project and how many shocking facts there is. This presentation really opened my eyes to a whole world that is dealing with crisis everyday.


April 2, 2008

Title Page Ideas & Options...

To all of those that see this neatly designed cover pages...

I am not one that is good with computers, but I am learning, making these three seemingly simple designs actually consisted of numerous "trial and error" sessions.

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March 13, 2008

Inspiration in a unique perspective

"Look for and document some examples of presentation/documentation
styles that your term project may take as inspiration."

This site is a technology blog site that nerds around the world can comment, check up on and vote on. I really like this site since the organization and the way that they present the objects. With a neat and clean approach to the blog, the page could be considered to be a minimalist style, depending on the view of others.

The top of the site is organized in the different sections: GEAR, CARS, STYLE, BODY, CRIB. These sections are a pathway to the different sections which go into more detail of the specific areas.


This image may seem like it has nothing to do with Architecture, but this site and company truly knows how to present their products. If you follow the link there is many provocative images of their models. The images are sometimes criticized for being provocative, but they are still creative and thoughtful. With pictures, descriptions and definitions, American Apparel doesn't just present their product line. Buildings, counties, clothes and experiences, American Apparel is much more than the average clothing company. With a company that commits many of it's presentation towards GREEN ideas, and actually produces a green organic line, the presentation is what makes the product seem simple and elegant. When thinking of ideas to intertwine with my project, I have been greatly influenced by A.A..

With bright and bold colors and usually surrounded by a mass of white, the presentation of products draws the viewers(buyers) eyes into the product. The way that the company shows models, it helps potential buyers look at the presentation of the product as more than just a piece of clothing. The entire website is well put together and makes consumers feel compelled to purchase such a product, or in better terms, "buy into the idea." This vibe that radiates from the presentation of the ideas and products is what I hope to achieve through my work. From the neat design, to the new creative, edgy, provocative look, American Apparel is my main source of inspiration through presentation.

This site is a high end simple design clothing company. The reason why I chose this site is because of it's classy yet unique orderly web design and organization. The reason why I chose this part of the website is because of the photography.



March 7, 2008

The Environment and Its Effects

"Explore through image and text how the built environment affects (supports or
detracts) who you are. Speculate in terms of frameworks, clockworks, phenomena and

Everyday we all encounter the gift of man made things. The man-made design can consist of the clothes we wear, to the toothbrush we use. Design and Architecture is in almost everything that a civilized human uses from day to day. Architecture, for me, effects my everyday life and supports me through out my daily activities.

FRAMEWORKS - a conceptual structure that can be used to solve or address complex situations

To me, architecture supports mine and many other's lives. Through the concept and form of frameworks, architecture helps solve my everyday issues. For instance, I take the bus every morning and park my car in a ramp, then hope on the bus and get to the University campus. On this journey, the bus goes through a tunnel, over railroad tracks, and across bridges. The car, bus, ramp, bridge, road, signs, tunnels and railroad tracks are all designed structures that help me get to school. This is just a small example of how the framework of architecture helps me in my daily life.


Dynamic architecture 1.img_assist_custom.JPG

PHENOMENA - an exceptional, unusual, or abnormal person, thing, or occurrence

With buildings and machines and the way our world works, there is the occasional amazing building or design. This phenomena, when it does occur, can happen in more ways than one. Through the way it effects individuals and the way we see our environment. From the way it mends with the environment and the way that it can be considered GREEN. With buildings that conform and move with nature and that are actually beneficial to the surrounding environment, these are all ways that architecture can truly be a phenomenon. The fact that buildings are more than just a building, but a meaning, emotion and thing of life.

1000 Zaha Nuragic water level view.jpg

CLOCKWORK - the precision, regularity, or absence of variation associated with clockwork

Going along taking the bus to school, all of the combined architecture must flow and work as one so that I get to school on time. This means that bridges must stay rigid, tunnels stay standing and buses keep running. This is an example of how clockwork keeps things moving a fashionable order. Keeping a regular schedule and getting to places on time all depends on the "dependability" of architecture and our designed environment.


OPPOSITIONS - the relationship between two propositions having the same subject and predicate but differing in quantity or quality or both

The understanding of how architecture is a two way street, the meaning of nature, man and his design. Man must work with the building and design of his own structures, it must be durable, useable and safe to use. This is just a few oppositions that architecture has in my life. The way that I work with my desk that I sit in in a lecture hall, to the way that the stairs are shaped in a building. These work of design is what makes or breaks architecture. A music stage must be structural strong, be designed a certain way to produce the best possible sound and acoustics. Another way to look at how the needs and issues of a design can push against Architecture.


February 28, 2008

Released From School...Now What?!

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February 21, 2008

Ensuring Environmental "Sweetness"

Being a person involved in both music and design, I found this blog to be quite fun and made me think of new ways how pictures and music can inspire. My first choice of projects is thinking of creative ways how we can keep our environment stable and sustain a long lasting healthy planet. This is my choice since it is now a huge burden brought upon my generation and we must find news ways to help preserve and fix the current mudslide that we are in with Global Warming.

*Before you, the reader, continues reading, please scroll down and press play on the "Mad World" Video, it is more to listen to but still a unique and creatively designed video all the same.

"Mad World" by Gary Jules


The first picture that I chose to post is a beautiful one of mountains, this is what our planet looks like, and needs to stay looking like this. The absence of humans and the strong sense of life and color in this picture inspires me to ensure an environment of health so that later generations can see the beauty of mother nature. The picture alone is worth a thousand words, from the green trees and all of the wildlife living within the forest, to the blue and clean water below the forest. With multiple fish and organisms flourishing in the cool water, and the plants and animals around the lake, there is so much life in the picture. Even in the back the mountains probably contains a mass of other creatures within the snowy landscape. Once again, the picture is an example of a rich and lush area where animals, plants and organisms flow together as one environment. This is beautiful because mankind, specifically through pollution, seems to have not effected this area.


This picture is yet another beautiful view, but this time it incorporates man-made scenery. The only thing wrong with this picture is all the pollution in it. The buildings are fogged down from the clouds of pollution and takes away from the beauty of the man-made work and architecture. As technology improves and things become more "green," we should be able to look at a picture of a city skyline in a crisp and clear image. Pollution is just a warning that we have that our environment is going south. We need to become more efficient with our resources and maintain efficient rationing.


"The Beach" by All Time Low

This picture is the worst of the three. I chose the song "Mad World" and "The Beach" to show a representation of how this beach is a representation of a nightmare or Mad world. Then I put up the song "The Beach" so that you could get a sense of what I WANT to picture and get the feel of when thinking of going to a beach. I usually think of a white sandy clean beach that will be a day of fun and pollution free. This picture both disgusts and appalls me in how we are handling pollution in this picture. The song, "The War" was posted because I thought that the message of war can be put in relation to our war against pollution. The song motivates me in the fight to keep our planet clean but it also makes me feel hopeful since I can actually do something about it and we all need to take part in the Planet's health and state that it is in.

"The War" by Angels & Airwaves

"Claire de Lune" by Claude DeBussy

February 14, 2008

Diversity and Development in the Modern Education World

With the modern culture, education is seen as the key to success. Student development and different types of teaching is what can make or break a student's life....or is it? Being a student of color, I have seen and experienced the difficulties and benefits of being considered a "minority." Being a student at the University of Minnesota there is numerous ways of getting into the culture and being with other diverse students. I am currently a member of the INROADS organization, a group that focuses on student development in the business world. I don't believe this is an issue, but I believe that it is an issue for all the students, both colored and white who are not taking the initiative to reach out and grab opportunities such as internships, traveling abroad and seeking experiences that are life changing. This organization that I am in looks for students of color who are both talented, energetic and looking for a great experience. The only thing is.... finding students who want this.

I believe that organizations like INROADS is great but not enough students are taking advantage of the opportunities. With over 50000 students ion the U of M, only a small percentage of them ever go out and look into opportunities like INROADS. Students may feel as if they don't have time, or don't want to think about life after college yet, this is precisely the social design issue. Young adults who may not always be motivated to go above and beyond. Being required to do volunteer work in this course is great experience and eye-opening for many. Going to an alternative school where students that barely know english are excited to learn and push beyond the limits. Our society of young adults with surplus opportunities and they don't go out and do a little extra to succeed, then they wonder why they aren't rich or famous!

Now, this DOES NOT occur for all students. Some are over achievers and do go that extra mile, while others don't do anything. As we were assigned to do community service, I was surrounded by the echoing of sighs and groans, why is this? From college students who have the benefit of being in college and learning about the world, when all they have to do is help students that would give up there right arm for just a chance at what some of the groaning students have.


I am not an advocate for all students to jump up and save the world, go out and invent something great, or even change lives. What I am an advocate is for young adults who want to succeed. The students who are underprivileged, yet want to gain experience but can't get it because of money or status. INROADS bridges that gap for many, and there are plenty of other great opportunities and organizations that can help. The social design issue of not letting the students that really want to succeed is an issue, having as many experiences and internships, traveling etc. available, the better.

February 4, 2008

Blog Prompt #1, Andy Goldsworthy

After reviewing nature and the city in a different light, I feel as if Andy Goldsworthy has taught me how to understand how things are made to fit together. The idea of energy being present no matter where you go is powerful and brings a new meaning to the environment. With pictures of a suburb home and then Tokyo, you can see the presence of energy in both pictures. Nature is free and doesn't have certain rules or boundaries, it moves free and at will. While the picture of Tokyo is vivid and a powerful view on how the city is structured to fit the needs of humans. The home is in a yard with bright green grass and shows the appreciation of space while Tokyo shows an appreciation for space by making everything connect and fit around the city. The way energy flows from any type of land depends on the nature of the surrounding. In the suburb the house is below a threatening sky and a peaceful and colorful lawn. The picture of Tokyo shows people and how nature has been absent from all the city but at the same time the city shows it's throbbing and pulsing energy through buildings. To me the city is a man made nature that is made with certain purposes and reasons. I really like the tokyo picture since it portrays a strong energy presence.

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Title Page Ideas & Options...

To all of those that see this neatly designed cover pages...

I am not one that is good with computers, but I am learning, making these three seemingly simple designs actually consisted of numerous "trial and error" sessions.

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