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Ensuring Environmental "Sweetness"

Being a person involved in both music and design, I found this blog to be quite fun and made me think of new ways how pictures and music can inspire. My first choice of projects is thinking of creative ways how we can keep our environment stable and sustain a long lasting healthy planet. This is my choice since it is now a huge burden brought upon my generation and we must find news ways to help preserve and fix the current mudslide that we are in with Global Warming.

*Before you, the reader, continues reading, please scroll down and press play on the "Mad World" Video, it is more to listen to but still a unique and creatively designed video all the same.

"Mad World" by Gary Jules


The first picture that I chose to post is a beautiful one of mountains, this is what our planet looks like, and needs to stay looking like this. The absence of humans and the strong sense of life and color in this picture inspires me to ensure an environment of health so that later generations can see the beauty of mother nature. The picture alone is worth a thousand words, from the green trees and all of the wildlife living within the forest, to the blue and clean water below the forest. With multiple fish and organisms flourishing in the cool water, and the plants and animals around the lake, there is so much life in the picture. Even in the back the mountains probably contains a mass of other creatures within the snowy landscape. Once again, the picture is an example of a rich and lush area where animals, plants and organisms flow together as one environment. This is beautiful because mankind, specifically through pollution, seems to have not effected this area.


This picture is yet another beautiful view, but this time it incorporates man-made scenery. The only thing wrong with this picture is all the pollution in it. The buildings are fogged down from the clouds of pollution and takes away from the beauty of the man-made work and architecture. As technology improves and things become more "green," we should be able to look at a picture of a city skyline in a crisp and clear image. Pollution is just a warning that we have that our environment is going south. We need to become more efficient with our resources and maintain efficient rationing.


"The Beach" by All Time Low

This picture is the worst of the three. I chose the song "Mad World" and "The Beach" to show a representation of how this beach is a representation of a nightmare or Mad world. Then I put up the song "The Beach" so that you could get a sense of what I WANT to picture and get the feel of when thinking of going to a beach. I usually think of a white sandy clean beach that will be a day of fun and pollution free. This picture both disgusts and appalls me in how we are handling pollution in this picture. The song, "The War" was posted because I thought that the message of war can be put in relation to our war against pollution. The song motivates me in the fight to keep our planet clean but it also makes me feel hopeful since I can actually do something about it and we all need to take part in the Planet's health and state that it is in.

"The War" by Angels & Airwaves

"Claire de Lune" by Claude DeBussy