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Blog 8/9 FINAL Presentations...


I chose to write about how our presentation went. I know that we were short on time but overall I thought that it went well. Throughout this entire project I learned a TON about the issues, policies and modern solutions to some of the problems with child mortality. I know that I have also learned many new things on early teen pregnancies and how to prevent STIs, pregnancy and how C-sections are not meant to be a modern luxury. With the technology that we have in our country we should not have to worry about child mortality as much as we do. Issues begin with the doctors and the absence of knowledge to mothers. Young children are often not fed correctly or raised in a safe environment. With a review of the current policies and a new environment for women and children, we can turn around the issues in America dealing with maternal fatalities and the loss of children's lives.



Going along with our project, I was really impressed with Sarah and Burt's presentation on reducing child mortality. This shocking on how Afghanistan is so cruel to women and the way that they treat them. With the idea of public beatings, restriction from an education, no laughing, loud talking or medical care, this place is horrible! I understand that it is a 3rd world country but the risk to children, as we found, is so high! 6 million children dying when every single one of those deaths could have been prevented. These facts are appalling and sad to hear about the poor children and their living status.

One of the worst things about the situation on Afghanistan was that women didn't even know how to breast feed and their children were drinking dirty water that often was full of disease that could be lethal. With no health care or education, women and their children are at a HUGE disadvantage.

Overall, I really thought that this presentation was interesting. It was cool to see how many of their facts tied in with our own project and how many shocking facts there is. This presentation really opened my eyes to a whole world that is dealing with crisis everyday.