November 6, 2006

Mathematical Trip

Math is an inevitable part of human existence. Numbers seem inescapable and educators always push toward studying those relationships to expand mental horizons and help logical thinking patterns to flow through the minds of as many people as possible. This math is cleverly yet subconsciously transferred into art and other digital images that may be found on our very own world wide web.


When patterns are laid out in specific ways or if certain areas of a pattern are missing, our eyes deceive our minds as they cannot see what is truly there but instead the mind tries to fill in the voids which creates illusions. In these particular examples, the illusions translate to patterned movements throughout the images. This is a type of logical and mathematical thinking that requires no conscious efforts or equations, which may be considered a wonderful thing for those struggling through their required math classes.

The pure and creative mystery of math lies in the simple wonderment one finds upon oneself as they stare at these images. They were designed shrewdly for the pure purpose of creating movement and illusion through the mind's mathematical ways of thinking. Patterns are clearly shown with each image and quantitative data may be taken.


The eyes continuously scan and record these images while the mind searches to find the relationships within each and as it does so, the eyes almost become a toy to the images as they begin to morph non-stop. A physical phenomenon between the mind and eyes occurs as these images are viewed, and by observing these images one can actually feel the phenomenon occur, as thus is the connection between design and math.

October 1, 2006

Dixie Horn

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September 17, 2006

Midtown Market

Experiencing any form of energy is a powerful thing. While being surrounded with unique smells and elaborate visuals to match in a sea of interesting people at the market, I decided to look a little deeper for energetic possibilities than what was obviously on the surface such as the lighting and espresso makers around me. As a noun, energy is described as "the capacity for vigorous activity; available power." I have found energy to be an experience that cannot be equally matched with words but instead my senses.

Energy cannot simply appear or be created; it is constantly recycled into new forms. Yet its displacement is what "creates" energy, which is how I added to the energy instantly after walking through the doors by joining the streams of people flowing through the area. Other peoples' stands and creations were used for my energetic enjoyment during my time spent around them, as I could see all of the bright colors and touch the textures of the objects along with deeply inhaling the available multitude of scents.

I was also able to purchase and consume energy, in the form of a new plant, that I shall bring back to its full life of which energy shall blossom, along with a fabulous cup of coffee of which I am still definitely feeling. Positive energy was also exchanged on a person-to-person basis as the vendors were absolutely friendly and laid-back, which complemented the overall atmosphere of the market. My consumption of all of that positive energy has left me content and waiting to direct others to experience the same great forms of energy as did I.