Today we put the finishing touches on our project!!

Both students worked very hard today to finish everything. One of them got very creative with transitions and putting everything together. Another one took off with garage band and created a whole soundtrack for the end of our animation.

It would have been nice to have a little longer using both iMovie and Garage Band. Even though our students already knew how to use both programs it still seemed like we needed more time.

However, in the end our project turned out great. The students worked very hard to finish it, and we, as mentors, did a little bit more out of class. We all loved the finished product!

The movie is a form of the story Icarus. Icarus and his father get stuck in a tower and to escape the father created wings. Icarus, being a bit ignorant, does not listen when his father tells him not to fly too high or low. In the end Icarus flies too high and the sun melts his wings, and he plunges into the ocean.



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