Digital Workshop: A collaboration with secondary school students and college students


On our first day working with the kids we introduced Photoshop.  Using Photo Booth they each took a picture of themselves and brought it into Photoshop to transform.  Students would some how alter their picture and then create a new layer, alter, create a new layer, alter, create a new layer, and so on.  After they felt finished with their transformation we created an animation from teh layers.


Each of the students I worked with already knew how to use Photoshop so it was fairly easy to work with them.  It was also fun for me because I was able to show them some more advanced tools that they could use to transform their pictures.


The students really seemed to enjoy this experiment.  They were free to transform themselves into anything that they wanted.  This was good and bad in some cases.  With so much freedom one of my students didn't knwo what to do to transform herself, I gave her ideas but she was shy and unsure of what she was doing.  Maybe, if I were to do this again I would give some guidance, such as "transform yourself into an animal".  Yet, I really liked what other students came up with. 




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