Today was our presentation day.  We had all the parents come and we presented each of our projects.  It was so fun to see everyone's project and see all the different styles that developed. 

The whole workshop was very fun, but also a lot of work.  As mentors, we put a lot of time into these outside of the classroom, which was expected, and a great experience for the future. 

I do agree with some of the changes that we would make to the workshop if we were to do it again.  I liked the idea that students would first create a character and then off of that character they could create a world for it to live in, and then a story from that, and then a soundtrack to go with the story.  This would take a lot of pressure off the kids to make and finish a story. Also, even though our class misunderstood the animation part of the story, I would still like to see students animate a whole story, instead of just the transformation.  However, for my group, maybe to make the animating easier, we could have created our characters in photoshop and animated them that way, and only done one part of the story with stop motion.

This project would be very fun to do again.  If done again I would give it a little more time just so kids could really understand how to use all of the programs and get a chance to work with them.

I had a lot of fun and I know that my students did as well!  I am very proud of what we accomplished!



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