Today we received our groups that we would work with for the rest of the workshop.  I started out at the Tweed checking people in, and since we did not really know how the workshop would go I was not assigned to a group right away.  This kind of hard for me because I was put into a group without really knowing what they wanted for their animation; I did not even really know the story very well. Because I was late in joining the group I had to play catch up.

After I checked everyone in, we all huddled around the board and each of the students got to pick a story that they were interested in transforming.  Each of the college student groups had to present their stories along with a style they wanted to use, an artist they wanted it to be inspired from, and colors that they thought would go well with the story.  I was put into the group of Icarus along with Brent and Curtis, and our two students Dane and Charlie. 

The rest of the day we planned out exactly how we were going to animate and transform our story.  We decided to create the characters, Icarus and Daedalus, from screws, nails, bolts, and scraps of metal, giving our animation an industrial type feel, inspired after Tim Burton's "9" movie.


The backgrounds we also decided to use odds and ends of metal and industrial-like images.  To finish the day we started to story board our story and figure out what sequence we wanted it to go in.   




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