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Digital Collage: Monsters

Project One: Digital Collage.

My Digital Methods class was required to bring in five photos to class, each with a different theme: animal, landscape, face, texture, and mechanical. Compiling the five images with the rest of the class we were able to pick things from a large image bank.

Our assignment was to create a monster out of collage images.


Next we made animations of our characters in Photoshop.

Here are a few still images:



Here is the video:

I thought this project was very fun. If I had fun, I know kids would really enjoy doing something like this. I liked that we could make it personal by using our own images. For instance, my monster is actually made from my pet cat. Creating just a monster was fun, however I think you could make it more imaginative by giving students a concept or idea, like create a theme, what is your monster doing.... Then it would be more of a narrative.

Doing this assignment with children I would still go with the monster idea, however maybe first I would have them collage magazines together creating a monster from those images. Next I would scan the images onto their computers into photoshop and have them create a landscape for their characters.

Along with their landscapes I would have them create a story to go along with their characters and setting, for example one monster is hungry so he eats his land of candy.

Once they decided on a story I would have them animate the story in Photoshop.

Things they would learn about:
Photoshop tools
Animation in photoshop
Possibly IMovie



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