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Gas Prices

I know I speak for everyone was I say that rising gas prices are a huge opposition. All of its possible solutions involve us changing our lifestyles to fit it. More people have begun to ride the bus everywhere possible because it is much cheaper than driving to all the places you need to go. People have also started to ride bikes around town because not only do they not have to buy gas, they are getting exercise and being environmentally friendly. When places are really close, people are now walking to these places so they don't burn gas starting and turning off their cars. These are all the solutions that me and almost everyone else has for the rise in gas prices because as much as we all would like, we can't just go out and get paid more money at our job to accommodate the rise in gas prices. It’s not like we can go to the big corporate oil chains and say "your prices are way too high, you need to lower them" because they won't listen to us. They know that gas has almost become a necessity and people will pay whatever the price to get some.

This is a picture of how much gas would have cost back in the day with our current dollar value.

This picture is a joke on how high gas prices are
that we would have to sacrifice something just
for a gallon.