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I got together five people of different backgrounds and ages for the brainstorming session (see below). To get the creative juices flowing, I made sure I brought some candy to increase our dopamine levels and played a game where we each threw out a word to complete a silly sentence. Once we were feeling comfortable, we began the session.

Peter, age 23, professional painter
Chris, ages 22, recent applied econ graduate
Joe, 22, environmental studies Senior
Carol, 51, landscape architect
Bob, 50, engineer
Me, 22, M.S. in business sustainability


At first, it was difficult to get across that we will not be judging (internally or vocally) any ideas and that bad and silly ideas are encouraged. I think this group is definitely used to using their left brains more often than their creative rights, but after a bit of prodding, we all started generating. I know we generated less than 1 idea per minute (especially at first), but after I set the example of generating one silly idea after another (with a quick prototype scribble), they started to get the idea. Here are the top 20 ideas:

1) Rain Fed sink or toilet (Chris)
2) Sink with a separate outlet pipe to the garden (Me)
3/4) Combo Idea: Individual sinks that use and recycle the water through a filtration system (Joe), I expanded the idea to include a whole house system that uses filtration/membranes/osmosis to clean the grey water (the black water from the toilet would still go to the public water cleaning facilities.
5/6) Combo idea: Narrow drain that prevents the water from draining easily (Chris) paired with a measuring lines along the sink that lets the user know how much water is used and what is too much (me)B18.jpg
7/8) Combo Idea: Digital board above sink that shows the amount of water used that day/month/year and compare it with neighbors usage (through a wifi signal) (Me) Chris added to the idea saying that it could be applied to public bathrooms with a comparison to anonymous users - I really like that idea.
9) Sinks that utilize spray/mist to reduce the amount of water used. Antimicrobial spray could be added (Joe, Chris, and me)
10) Misting sinks specific for rinsing dishes (me)
11) inverted sink that splashes people so they won't want to use it very long, but is still contained in the sink- might be good in public facilities or in dorms (Bob)
12) Overuse alarm (Bob)
13) drain from the sink to the toilet for reuse. why do we use clean water for toilets? (Chris)
14) interactive characters that attach to the faucet to encourage little ones to conserve (me)
15) Digital Drag Race Faucet where the goal is to have the shortest time for various activities (Bob)
16) Cleansing towelettes that are renewable, similar to the renewable cloth towel device in some public bathrooms (Me inspired by Carol's story)
17) Foot pedal control instead of handles to control faucet, would cut down on the time it takes to turn water off and the germs from the handles (Peter)
18) Coin operated water, great for public bathrooms (Carol)
19) Japanese-like toilet... no tank and no bowl (Carol)
20) Alert user of overuse using sound. Could be a voice that says turn water off (Carol), could be irritating music (Chris), or could be a pleasant song that when it stops, so should the user (Me)

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