Kony Video Could Re-Ignite Issues in Uganda

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GULU, Uganda -- A campaigning group called "Invisible Children" has caught the attention of millions. According to The Guardian, the group, instigated in 2004 by filmmakers, released a 30-minute video in March 2012 to raise awareness about the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, Joseph Kony. The video went viral upon its release on YouTube.

According to Luna Magazine and MSNBC, in 2005 the International Crimes Court indicted Kony for his activities in Uganda, including sexual enslavement, murder, rape and crimes against humanity, as well as building an army of child soldiers.

According to MSNBC, the last massacre to occur in Gulu, Uganda, was in 2004. According to both MSNBC and Luna Magazine, some Ugandans have expressed concern that bringing attention to this 9-year-old conflict may inflame LRA activity in the region.

A Yale Professor, Chris Blattman, expressed concern that an attempt by Invisible Children to remove Kony from power would result in mass killings of the people that the organization is seeking to protect. As quoted in Luna Magazine, "Kony usually prefers a bodyguard of 13-year olds, since he doesn't trust anyone older," Blattman said. I'm not sure if there are many children with him now [...] but either way it will be messy."

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