Booby Traps Set in Provo Canyon

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Two men were arrested facing charges for setting booby traps along a Provo Canyon trail in Utah, according to CNN Newswire. Utah county sheriff Spencer Cannon was doing routine patrols on April 16th when he came across the traps, according to KSL News. "There was potential for some very serious injury to someone," Cannon said. "If someone fell the wrong way it could have been disastrous or even fatal."

"That could've been us, you know, we could've gotten hurt, for no reason," one hiker told reporters.

The devices were designed to trip when a person entered the fort. One released a spiked ball, and another caused a person to fall onto sharpened sticks in the ground. Another hiker described the booby traps as "sickening," as reported to CNN Newswire.

The suspects are 21-year-old Kai Christensen and 19-year-old Benjamin Rutkowski according to CNN Newswire and KSL News. The men, both of whom confessed to placing the traps, face charged with reckless endangerment, as reported by CNN Newswire. Authorities identified the suspects through Facebook.

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