Broadway Liquor Outlet to be Demolished

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According to the Star Tribune, the Broadway Liquor Outlet faces demolition and restructure in response to a tornado that struck north Minneapolis a year ago, taking the door, roof and windows off the structure. The building is described as having broken, boarded windows.

The article reports that a temporary building will allow the liquor store to continue business over the next two years of construction, but the original building's landlord, Keith Reitman, said he felt that the temporary store would "worsen the neighborhood's atmosphere."

According to the article, the Broadway liquor store was established in the 1940s at 9th Street and Cedar Avenue S. After the city condemned the property, the shop moved to north Minneapolis.

That store relocated when the city used the store's lot space to widen a road. The article reports that in 1989 Broadway Liquor Outlet opened at the corner of Broadway and Penn Avenue.

The article states that the temporary liquor store will open next month, "if all goes as planned."

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