Mankato Couple in Severe Debt: Legal Helpers to Blame?

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According to the Star Tribune, a Mankato couple is $70,000 in debt. The couple said that their credit was ruined after paying Legal Helpers Debt Resolution $12,253 to negotiate with creditors to lower their credit debt. However, the only the debt reduction they received was $2,600 from one debt.

After hearing nothing from the company since last November, the couple reported to the Star Tribune that they found out Legal Helpers Debt Resolution was being sued for consumer fraud.

The article reports that "the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation also filed a cease-and-desist order last August against Legal Helpers, asking for restitution for 314 clients."

"These companies shouldn't be allowed to operate," said one member of the couple, Steve Valenta. "They're preying on people who are desperate to get their lives back together."

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