Passover with Bruce Springsteen

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The New York Times reports that a Passover celebration was held at Madison Square Garden this past Friday night. Bruce Springsteen provided the live soundtrack to the event. Springsteen replaced "Wrecking Ball" with "Matzah Ball" to commemorate the holiday.

Warron Rosen, a 46-year-old insurance company owner, decided that he didn't want to miss a Springsteen concert because of Passover, so he booked a room at a restaurant called the Ainsworth Prime and invited friends via facebook.

"You're respecting the holiday as long as you're having a [Passover]," Rosen said in regards to the appropriateness of hosting a concert on the holiday. According to the article, Rosen has attended roughly 200 Springsteen concerts.

Rosen's wife said she felt that the concert was in keeping with the holiday, describing this year's celebration--including both concert and Passover--as being a spiritual experience.

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