Pitbull Bites for a Second Time in St. Paul

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A pit bull bit a 5-year-old girl in St. Paul on Easter Sunday, according to CBS Minnesota. The pit bull had bitten another person in the past, but the city had decided that it did not need to be muzzled, CBS Minnesota reports.

The girl, Lola, was bitten to the point that "there was flesh and muscle hanging out," as told by her father, Peter Barry.

Barry said he wanted neighborhood notification about dogs after a bite incident like the one that occurred with his daughter. He believed that the attack could have been prevented if he had been aware of the potentially dangerous animal, he told CBS Minnesota.

"It's very upsetting to think that my daughter could be attacked by a pit bull in our neighborhood that we knew nothing about that had previously attacked another neighbor," said Barry, as reported by CBS Minnesota.

The penalty facing the dog could be muzzling or getting put down. The verdict will be decided Monday. The dog has been quarantined at animal control since Easter, CBS Minnesota reports.

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