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Booby Traps Set in Provo Canyon

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Two men were arrested facing charges for setting booby traps along a Provo Canyon trail in Utah, according to CNN Newswire. Utah county sheriff Spencer Cannon was doing routine patrols on April 16th when he came across the traps, according to KSL News. "There was potential for some very serious injury to someone," Cannon said. "If someone fell the wrong way it could have been disastrous or even fatal."

"That could've been us, you know, we could've gotten hurt, for no reason," one hiker told reporters.

The devices were designed to trip when a person entered the fort. One released a spiked ball, and another caused a person to fall onto sharpened sticks in the ground. Another hiker described the booby traps as "sickening," as reported to CNN Newswire.

The suspects are 21-year-old Kai Christensen and 19-year-old Benjamin Rutkowski according to CNN Newswire and KSL News. The men, both of whom confessed to placing the traps, face charged with reckless endangerment, as reported by CNN Newswire. Authorities identified the suspects through Facebook.

Marni for H&M Shopping Experience

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According to New York Magazine, the Marni for H&M collection did not receive as big a storm of shoppers as did the Versace for H&M collaboration, but as early as 8 a.m. the day before, a line had formed outside the Fifth Avenue store in New York. According to, about 60 people had stayed the night outside the store before its opening.

The racks were already picked over from the night before the March 8 opening: the press had been invited to a preview shopping experience. The article said that almost all the size 4 pieces were already purchased.

According to, the H&M store had a DJ stationed inside while shoppers looked through the collection. Shoppers were given time slots according to their arrival at the store. The shoppers were instructed not to push or shove.

Both articles report that the Marni for M&M collection's opening day was "tamer" than the Versace collection debut, albeit met with success.

Michael Kors Soon to be a Billionaire

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According to and Women's Wear Daily, fashion designer Michael Kors' namesake company is valued at $8.97 billion.

The article reports that Forbes Magazine has predicted Kors' billionaire status will occur when the KORS stock price reaches $63.25.

Kors' first shares were priced at $25 per share, and a secondary offering currently has the stock priced at $47 per share, closed on Wednesday, March 28. The Wednesday offering was expected to raise $1.18 billion for the company, the article reports.

The article states that a factor in Kors' success is his company's production of accessories (watches, bags, sunglasses, and more), as these are items at a relatively low price-point and are very accessible to the average consumer.

Giambattista Valli: A New Couturier

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Fashion designer Giambattista Valli was dubbed an official haute couturier by the Chambre Syndicale last December.

Valli began his namesake label in 2005 after leaving his 7-year-long occupation at Emanuel Ungaro in 2004, as reported by the New York Times. His designs at Giambattista Valli have garnered the attention of fashion editors, heiresses and socialites alike, such as Olivia Palermo, Bianca Brandolini, and Lee Radziwill. Actress Emma Stone sported one of his dresses at the Academy Awards this year.

Valli grew up in Rome with his family. According to Wikipedia, he drew sketches of Yves Saint Laurent dresses and observed the fashions of rich women as he matured, and he eventually got his first fashion-related job at with Cecilia Fanfani where he assisted with planning couture shows in Rome.

Valli reported to the New York Times that he derives inspiration from American designer Oscar de la Renta. This label is known for catering to "uptown girls" and moneyed socialites.

Some of Valli's creations retail for around $3000 at upscale department store Saks Fifth Avenue.

$450 Million Lawsuit Against Alexander Wang

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Alexander Wang ex-employee Wenyu Lu accused fashion designer Alexander Wang of employing workers in sweatshop conditions. Lu requested the lawsuit after being fired in February for complaining about the brand's working conditions.

According to and the, Lu said he underwent surgery for the removal of kidney stones and suffered an eye injury two years ago; he said that he believed the health issues were spurned by 84-hour work weeks.

New York Magazine reports that Lu was hospitalized after passing out during a 25-hour-long shift. Lu said that he was not allowed a break during the 25-hour-long period, and that he would be fired should he take one.

According to the Telegraph, thirty Alexander Wang employees have joined Wenyu Lu's claim against Wang, filing a $450 million lawsuit for nine charges related to poor working conditions.

In the report issued by the Telegraph, one of Wang's spokespeople commented in defense of Wang's brand, stating that "the company takes its obligations to comply with the law very seriously [...]."

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