Greek Installing a New Government

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Prime Minister George Papandreou will be resigning from his position Monday after he and other political leaders came to the agreement to form a new unity government Sunday.

Elections for the new prime minister are planned for Feb. 19 next year, Reuters said.

Under the new unity government, according to NY Times, the major parties would share the power and is "widely expected to be led by a non-politician."

European officials pressured Greece to agree on a plan in order to "prevent the Greek crisis from spilling over to larger economies such as Spain and Italy," that are at risk of defaulting, LA Times said.

Calling on Somali Community For New Tom Hanks Movie

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Minnesota is the first stop on the film team's search of Somalis to cast in the new up and coming film, "Capt. Phillips."

The movie is based on the true story, according to The National, and has caused some concern on the type of characters the Somali cast would take role of Bellingham Herald said: pirates.

"Of course it is about pirates," casting consultant Debbie DeLisi who is leading the search for the East African roles said to Bellingham Herald, "but it is also an opportunity for Somali people to get their face on screen if they want to be an actor or have this artistic opportunity."

Nowthen: Police or Less Police

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The Anoka County city has to decide between a 6 percent property tax increase to fund for law enforcement coverage or receive coverage for only true emergencies starting next year.

Currently, Nowthen does not pay anything and is the only city without a police department or a contract with a sheriff, The Republic said.

In an unofficial poll at a meeting Thursday, a "narrow majority said they would be willing to pay for a sheriff's contract," whereas others were less concerned, Star Tribune said.

"Crime is low," resident Debbie Mahutga said to Star Tribune, "What are you going to patrol, the cornfields?"

Two Pakistani Officers Indicted For Bhutto Assassination

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Five militants and two police officers were indicted and charged for criminal conspiracy and murder of the 2007 assassination of Benazir Bhutto Saturday.

The police officers are suspected to have destroying evidence and "failing to provide Bhutto with proper security," Associated Press said through the Washington Post.

Bhutto was killed weeks before parliamentary elections where she was two times elected as prime minister and had returned from her8 yearlong, self-imposed exile, NY Times said.

According to CNN, both officers were released on bail after pleading not guilty.

Freak Snowstorm in the Northeast

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Halloween enthusiasts were taken by surprise when a freak snowstorm strolled in the Northeastern region October 29.

"This is absolutely a lot more snow than I expected to see today. I can't believe it's not even Halloween and it's already snowing," Carole Shepherd of Washington Township, N.J., said to NPR.

Over 2 million homes and businesses were without power due to the snow "toppling leafy trees and power lines," NPR said.

Authorities reported to CNN 13 deaths that were attributed to the storm, some to vehicular accidents, trees falling, and carbon monoxide poisoning of alternative heating sources.

Rick Perry Pushes to Compete for Votes

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The Governor of Texas tries to rebuild his reputation with different strategies after poor debate reviews and overpowered by his competitors.

Over the past several days according to the Christian Science Monitor, Rick Perry proposed a flat tax plan, and amongst other news planning to broadcast a new commercial reflecting the debate reviews in Iowa Monday.

"I'm a doer, not a talker," Perry says into the camera adding that he is, "not a slick politician," New York Times said.

Ohio Zoo Animals to Be Quarantined

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The widow of the man that released 56 exotic animals from their cages and then killed himself was denied retrieving the remaining six live animals Thursday due to a quarantine order from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The animals are held indefinitely at the Columbus Zoo under the order issued by Agriculture director James Zehringer.

Zehringer was led to believe that the animals should be examined for potentially dangerous diseases such as the herpes B virus, the Columbus Dispatch said.

There was also concern for the unsanitary living conditions of their homes before their release that could have exposed these diseases to the animals, Star Tribune said.

"These animals are the innocents in this situation, and our job is to really take care of them as much as we can and make sure their welfare is looked out for," Zoo president Dale Schmidt said to Star Tribune.

Debt Deal for Europe

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European countries agreed to a debt plan in Brussels Thursday.

The plan included banks to agree to take a voluntary 50 percent loss on Greek bonds and aims to reduce the country's debt by 40 percent, NPR said.

According to CNN Money, the debt plan aimed to resolve the debt crisis in Greece as well as instability in the banking sector and the expanding bailout fund.

GLBT Protection from Bullying in Schools

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Dispute over a Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy and anti-bullying has taken priority in the Anoka-Hennepin district.

Six students have filed suit against Minnesota's largest school system and charging for "failing to address the persistence and widespread harassment of GLBT students," Lacrosse Tribune said.

The Sexual Orientation Curriculum policy allows teachers to discuss issues involving sexual orientation but requires of them to stay neutral and does not "shield" gay and lesbian students from being bullied by their sexuality, Star Tribune said.

Schools in other states like California have implemented a new law that includes teaching about GLBT Americans in social studies whereas in Tennessee, a law dubbed "don't say gay" bill is being considered for teachers to not discuss homosexuality with middle school and elementary students, Lacrosse Tribune also said.

Libyan Leader Gadhafi Dead Thursday

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Moammar Gadhafi died on the way to a hospital after being shot in a cross-fire Thursday.

Gadhafi, 69, was in power 42 years and was hiding in a sewage pipe before being shot at.

In CNN's This Just In updates, it was a matter of hours before reporters could confirm that it was Gadhafi who was captured and killed.

With Gadhafi dead, Libya's people are rid of the world's longest-serving dictator, President Obama said through the Washington Post at a Rose Garden address.

"The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted. And with this enormous promise, the Libyan people now have a great responsibility," Obama said.