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Greek Installing a New Government

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Prime Minister George Papandreou will be resigning from his position Monday after he and other political leaders came to the agreement to form a new unity government Sunday.

Elections for the new prime minister are planned for Feb. 19 next year, Reuters said.

Under the new unity government, according to NY Times, the major parties would share the power and is "widely expected to be led by a non-politician."

European officials pressured Greece to agree on a plan in order to "prevent the Greek crisis from spilling over to larger economies such as Spain and Italy," that are at risk of defaulting, LA Times said.

Calling on Somali Community For New Tom Hanks Movie

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Minnesota is the first stop on the film team's search of Somalis to cast in the new up and coming film, "Capt. Phillips."

The movie is based on the true story, according to The National, and has caused some concern on the type of characters the Somali cast would take role of Bellingham Herald said: pirates.

"Of course it is about pirates," casting consultant Debbie DeLisi who is leading the search for the East African roles said to Bellingham Herald, "but it is also an opportunity for Somali people to get their face on screen if they want to be an actor or have this artistic opportunity."

Nowthen: Police or Less Police

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The Anoka County city has to decide between a 6 percent property tax increase to fund for law enforcement coverage or receive coverage for only true emergencies starting next year.

Currently, Nowthen does not pay anything and is the only city without a police department or a contract with a sheriff, The Republic said.

In an unofficial poll at a meeting Thursday, a "narrow majority said they would be willing to pay for a sheriff's contract," whereas others were less concerned, Star Tribune said.

"Crime is low," resident Debbie Mahutga said to Star Tribune, "What are you going to patrol, the cornfields?"

Two Pakistani Officers Indicted For Bhutto Assassination

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Five militants and two police officers were indicted and charged for criminal conspiracy and murder of the 2007 assassination of Benazir Bhutto Saturday.

The police officers are suspected to have destroying evidence and "failing to provide Bhutto with proper security," Associated Press said through the Washington Post.

Bhutto was killed weeks before parliamentary elections where she was two times elected as prime minister and had returned from her8 yearlong, self-imposed exile, NY Times said.

According to CNN, both officers were released on bail after pleading not guilty.

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