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Two Pakistani Officers Indicted For Bhutto Assassination

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Five militants and two police officers were indicted and charged for criminal conspiracy and murder of the 2007 assassination of Benazir Bhutto Saturday.

The police officers are suspected to have destroying evidence and "failing to provide Bhutto with proper security," Associated Press said through the Washington Post.

Bhutto was killed weeks before parliamentary elections where she was two times elected as prime minister and had returned from her8 yearlong, self-imposed exile, NY Times said.

According to CNN, both officers were released on bail after pleading not guilty.

Debt Deal for Europe

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European countries agreed to a debt plan in Brussels Thursday.

The plan included banks to agree to take a voluntary 50 percent loss on Greek bonds and aims to reduce the country's debt by 40 percent, NPR said.

According to CNN Money, the debt plan aimed to resolve the debt crisis in Greece as well as instability in the banking sector and the expanding bailout fund.

Libyan Leader Gadhafi Dead Thursday

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Moammar Gadhafi died on the way to a hospital after being shot in a cross-fire Thursday.

Gadhafi, 69, was in power 42 years and was hiding in a sewage pipe before being shot at.

In CNN's This Just In updates, it was a matter of hours before reporters could confirm that it was Gadhafi who was captured and killed.

With Gadhafi dead, Libya's people are rid of the world's longest-serving dictator, President Obama said through the Washington Post at a Rose Garden address.

"The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted. And with this enormous promise, the Libyan people now have a great responsibility," Obama said.

Occupy Protest Goes Global; Rome Riots

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People around the world joined in a collective protest in spirit of the Occupy Wall Street in New York Saturday.

The protest against corporate greed started in early September and now a month later has influenced nations around the globe including Germany, Spain, London, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland Portugal, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the Philippines, NY Daily News said.

Citizens of Rome, Italy also participated Saturday but on a different level of intensity; to the extent of torching cars, breaking shop windows and enough damage for riot patrols to use tear gas and water cannons, Reuters said.

The amount of damage done from the riot was estimated at $1.4 million and dozens of civilians and several police officers injured, the Washington Post said.

Three Women Receive Nobel Peace Prize

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The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded three women-activists the Nobel Peace Prize Friday.

Rights activist Tawakkul Karman of Yemen and Liberian Pres. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf with fellow activist Leymah Gbowee were recognized for their efforts to ensure the safety of women and women's rights, Associated Press said through Star Tribune.

All three women have a list of accomplishments, such as being elected as President (Johnson Sirleaf), that pertain to women being acknowledge as equals in society where the public sphere is dominated by men.

"We cannot achieve democracy and lasting peace in the world unless women obtain the same opportunities as men to influence developments at all levels of society," the committee said to CNN.

Typhoon in Philippines

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A devastating typhoon struck the Philippines Tuesday. Thirty-nine people were killed and over 300,000 had to evacuate from their homes, CNN said.

The Philippines are hit by more 20 typhoons a year, Voice of America said, so disaster authorities were well prepared for the evacuation.

Before the typhoon hit the island, heavy monsoon rains soaked the area, the Associated Press said through NPR, in addition to 93mph winds.

Child Cage Fighting Video Goes Viral

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Two boys, under the age of ten, were filmed cage fighting in front of a live audience at a England pub September 10. The video went viral online and caused a debate with its viewers.

The event was serious enough for police to investigate but confirmed that the pub's license allowed to hold such events, BBC News International said.

The manager of the pub, Michelle Anderson, 39, said to BBC the boys were only "grappling" and therefore not in danger.

The British Medical Association and parents argued that there is danger in the sport, especially when the boys on the video were not wearing any protective gear.

Additionally, the environment that the boys were in, with a 250-strong paid adult audience, was described by the British Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt as "barbaric," ABC News International said.

By: Holly Olson
An Iranian judge needed to sign bail papers for the imprisoned hikers' release is on holiday until Tuesday.

The signature would prove that the bail for Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal was paid for.

One judge had signed the papers September 17, said Bauer and Fattal's lawyer Masoud Shafiei to CNN, but a second signature is required in order to complete the process.

Bauer and Fattal, both 29, spent the past two years in prison convicted of spying and illegally entering into Iran. A third hiker, Sarah Shroud, was released September 2010 and allowed to return home, said Associated Press. All three were set a bail of $500,000 each.

President Mahmoad Ahmadinejad told Ann Curry of NBC that the hikers would be released in "a couple of days," in an interview Tuesday. Ahmadinejad added that Bauer and Fattal might accompany him when he travels to New York for the United Nation's general Assembly.

Ahmadinejad called the release of Bauer and Fattal a "humanitarian gesture," but to Iranian journalist Omet Mamuria the release and the UN general assembly is "hardly a coincidence." The release of Shourd was timed similarly to the General Assembly in 2010, said CBS Evening News.

Journalist Maziar Bahari notes to the Early Show Wednesday that the Iranian government is purposely unpredictable in order to create insecurity within their people as well as the international community. Furthermore, Bahari explains that Bauer and Fattal are "entangled" into an internal battle within Iran in addition to the U.S.

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