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Calling on Somali Community For New Tom Hanks Movie

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Minnesota is the first stop on the film team's search of Somalis to cast in the new up and coming film, "Capt. Phillips."

The movie is based on the true story, according to The National, and has caused some concern on the type of characters the Somali cast would take role of Bellingham Herald said: pirates.

"Of course it is about pirates," casting consultant Debbie DeLisi who is leading the search for the East African roles said to Bellingham Herald, "but it is also an opportunity for Somali people to get their face on screen if they want to be an actor or have this artistic opportunity."

Nowthen: Police or Less Police

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The Anoka County city has to decide between a 6 percent property tax increase to fund for law enforcement coverage or receive coverage for only true emergencies starting next year.

Currently, Nowthen does not pay anything and is the only city without a police department or a contract with a sheriff, The Republic said.

In an unofficial poll at a meeting Thursday, a "narrow majority said they would be willing to pay for a sheriff's contract," whereas others were less concerned, Star Tribune said.

"Crime is low," resident Debbie Mahutga said to Star Tribune, "What are you going to patrol, the cornfields?"

GLBT Protection from Bullying in Schools

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Dispute over a Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy and anti-bullying has taken priority in the Anoka-Hennepin district.

Six students have filed suit against Minnesota's largest school system and charging for "failing to address the persistence and widespread harassment of GLBT students," Lacrosse Tribune said.

The Sexual Orientation Curriculum policy allows teachers to discuss issues involving sexual orientation but requires of them to stay neutral and does not "shield" gay and lesbian students from being bullied by their sexuality, Star Tribune said.

Schools in other states like California have implemented a new law that includes teaching about GLBT Americans in social studies whereas in Tennessee, a law dubbed "don't say gay" bill is being considered for teachers to not discuss homosexuality with middle school and elementary students, Lacrosse Tribune also said.

Algae Scum as Future Fuel

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Commercializing the green substance was the main event at the 5th Annual Algae Biomass Summit in Minneapolis lasting from Monday to Thursday.

Over 800 people attended the summit including 80 exhibitors which was double the number of last year's account, according to Minnesota Public Radio News.

Algae as an alternative fuel to petroleum was the key topic at the summit which was hosted by the Algal Biomass Organization.

"We are on the verge of breaking out on a global scale, not just here in the U.S.," Mark Allen, the president of the organization, said to Star Tribune.

The University of Minnesota facility in Rosemount has been researching on algae fuel but director of the University's Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment John Sheehan said to Star Tribune to not expected anything soon.

"High-volume production is not going to be possible for at least five years and probably longer," Sheehan.

Skater's Life Saved by Two Zamboni Drivers

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A skater at Amsoil Arena was struck in the face by a friend's skate and cut into two arteries before two maintenance workers came to the rescue October 6.

Rich Mertz, 33, was playing a pickup game of hockey when his friend tripped on his hockey and sliced his cheek, Associated Press said.

One of the workers, Thomas Lund, 21, is a trained emergency medical technician and with his coworker Aaron Hinnenkamp, was able to keep calm for Mertz.

"I was terrified at first, but I had to remain calm to help him remain calm. Once he knew we were calm and relaxed, it helped him calm down," Lund said to the Duluth Tribune.

Special Ed. Teacher Dead on Suspicion of Theft

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A father and son from Albertville were arrested for the death of a special ed. teacher at St. Michael-Albertville.

Delbert Huber, the 81-year-old father, told police that he shot and killed Timothy Larsen, 43, on the basis that Larsen stole $50 from his son, Timothy Huber, 45, and some tractor parts, Star Tribune said.

Delbert Huber could face charges of second-degree murder and his son could be charged as an accomplice, said St. Michael Patch.

Both Hubers are being held in the Kandiyohi County jail with bail set at $5 million for Delbert and $1 million for Timothy Huber, Star Tribune said.

Lynx Win First Title Since 1991

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The women's basketball team from Minnesota won the WNBA championship Friday after beating the Atlanta Dream 73-67.

The last time a Minnesota professional team had a title was the Twins in the 1991 World Series.

Seimone Augustus, Lynx forward, said to Star Tribune that their win should "give people of Minnesota something to smile about," and for other teams to follow up on. Augustus said she was also optimistic that the team would get more recognition.

A crowd of fans awaited the team at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Saturday and were well-received, the Pioneer Press said.

"To come home to this is really indescribable," Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve said.

Occupy Protest Reaches Minnesota

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Over 300 citizens of Minnesota gathered at the Hennepin County Government Plaza Friday in support of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement happening in New York.

Since September 17, the movement's influence has spread across the nation in major cities expressing a basic message that government is not representing the people, the Minnesota Daily said.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura made an appearance at the Minneapolis protest and compared the movement similar to those in the Middle East.

"I hope that this country can step forward and follow the leads that have happened in the Middle East to many of the Arab countries where people's movements rose up and you see the results of them," Ventura said to Minnesota Public Radio.

Organizers of Occupy Minnesota arranged with Minneapolis police for a long-term occupation in the downtown area, MPR said.

Vikings Keep their Heads Up

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Vikings lost their third consecutive game Sunday to the Detroit Lions, 26-23. The football team had strong leads in the first half, but then "stay in the locker room" during half time, Associated Press said.

Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune said now would be a good time to switch out veteran Donavon McNabb with rookie Christian Ponder to quarterback for the team.

Head Coach Leslie Frazier said during a press conference that he was not planning to change anything about the quarterback position.

Frazier and the other coaches aim to improve McNabb's accuracy for the next game Sunday against Kansas City, Star Tribune said through Boston Herald.

"We've got the right guys on this football team. It seems dour right now, but we'll get it turned around," Frazier said to Pioneer Press.

Kill Aims to Get Better at Mayo

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Coach Kill checked into the Mayo Clinic Sunday after suffering another seizure.

Kill announced that he will take a temporary leave from the football team to address his health, Minnesota Daily said.

Kill had over 20 seizures in a span of six days since he was "stricken with a major seizure" during a football game against New Mexico State September 10, Star Tribune said, but the head coach was determined to keep coaching.

According to Pioneer Press Monday, there were no updates on Kill's condition.

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