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Greek Installing a New Government

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Prime Minister George Papandreou will be resigning from his position Monday after he and other political leaders came to the agreement to form a new unity government Sunday.

Elections for the new prime minister are planned for Feb. 19 next year, Reuters said.

Under the new unity government, according to NY Times, the major parties would share the power and is "widely expected to be led by a non-politician."

European officials pressured Greece to agree on a plan in order to "prevent the Greek crisis from spilling over to larger economies such as Spain and Italy," that are at risk of defaulting, LA Times said.

Rick Perry Pushes to Compete for Votes

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The Governor of Texas tries to rebuild his reputation with different strategies after poor debate reviews and overpowered by his competitors.

Over the past several days according to the Christian Science Monitor, Rick Perry proposed a flat tax plan, and amongst other news planning to broadcast a new commercial reflecting the debate reviews in Iowa Monday.

"I'm a doer, not a talker," Perry says into the camera adding that he is, "not a slick politician," New York Times said.

Malaria Vaccine in Action

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After two decades of research, a malaria vaccine was put to the test African babies and children.

Malaria claims around 780,000 lives each year, most of them children, even with insecticides and bed nets which had decreased the number of deaths by the disease by 200,000, the Seattle Times said.

The early results of the vaccine show it is 50 percent effective but proved to be an improvement, Newsday said.

"The addition of a malaria vaccine to existing control interventions such as net beds and insecticide spraying could potentially help prevent millions of cases of this dellibating disease," chief executive of the British drug company GlaxoSmithKline Andrew Witty said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

GlaxoSmithKline developed the malaria vaccine and tested it on 15,000 children in Africa, Seattle Times also said.

Catholic Bishop Indicted for Not Reporting Child Abuse

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The Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese, along with their bishop, faces a fine of $1,000 for waiting five months to expose a priest with hundreds of child-pornography images on his computer, Star Tribune said.

Bishop Robert Finn has become the first high-ranking U.S. Catholic official to have been charged for neglecting to tell authorities of child abuse and faces, in addition to the fine, one year in jail, Star Tribune also said.

Both the bishop and Diocese pleaded not guilty, Reuters said.

Steve Jobs Leaves Behind His Legacy

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The co-founder of one of the most successful technology corporations in the nation died Wednesday because of complications of pancreatic cancer, a family friend said to NY Times.

Steve Jobs was 56-years-old and was battling with cancer since 2003, LA Times said.

Jobs had started Apple Inc. in 1976 with a high school friend Stephen Wozniak and over the years watched the company grow into the great technological influence it is today.

According to International Business Times, the news of Jobs' death have cause an "outpouring" of tributes from the many Apple fans, celebrities and business leaders alike around the world.

Greece Hanging On

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Greece continues to struggle financially as the government sorts through the complications with the ratings agencies and recession, Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis said.

"There's a wonderful madness in this whole thing- but there it is," Lambrinidis said to the L.A. Times.

Greece faces bankruptcy in mid-October, according to the Associated Press through Google News, if the country does not receive bailout funds from other European countries.

Germany, though the biggest economy in Europe, is said to be "not available" to provide the necessary money, Associated Press also said.

The Japanese government is considering to contribute to the cause in Greece because it exports heavily to Europe, International Business Times said.

Facebook Expanding Horizons

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One of today's most popular social-networking sites announced its interest in partnering with television, film and music labels.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg is collaborating with Netflix, Dow Jones, Hulu and others who offer their services to the users, NPR said.

Zuckerberg wanted the users to expand their horizons as Facebook was and with the installation of the Ticker and the Timeline, friends can explore the interests of their friends,International Business Times said.

Google+ has been a growing rival for Facebook and according to PC World, each new change that Google+ makes, Facebook creates their own version of it, such as video chatting.

By Holly Olson

Dakota Meyer, 23, received the highest award in the nation Thursday for his extraordinary bravery when an operation in Ganjgal Valley, Afghanistan in 2009 went awry and support was disconnected.

Meyer described himself as not a hero in a 60-minute interview with CBS David Martin. He was just a guy from Kentucky doing his job.

His job resulted in running through a barrage of enemy fire multiple times, disregarding orders to standstill, and attempting to rescue his fellow comrades, who were already dead upon his arrival.

He saved 36 marines and soldiers, evacuated 12 friendly wounded, and killing multiple Taliban fighters within a six-hour long fight, said USA Today. A fellow Marine assisted him, who received the second-highest award, the Navy Cross, drove the Humvee that Meyer shot from as the enemy fighters started to swarm them.

In comparison, two army officials received career-ending letters of reprimand for failing to aid the soldiers when the Taliban ambushed them. The same two officers "were clearly negligent," and were the direct cause of losing the lives of the four marines trapped under fire, said retired Colonel Richard Hooker to CBS.

The mother and widow of two of the deceased soldiers were not satisfied with the punishment the commanding officials were given, said Star Tribune, and expected more severe consequences given the circumstances.

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