Dye's Affects on Health

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The topic I choose is how red dye affects children's behavior. The FDA has approved food color additives and considers them safe however some experts beg to differ. This is a huge problem for children because it can affect their behavior according to articles one and two. However the FDA claims they are safe in modification. Dyes are primarily used to make food look more appealing and aren't very necessary in the flavoring of the food products. I consider all three articles to be reliable and I trust the data given. Nature and nurture play roles in this problem because the dyes affect people with different disorders such as ADHD in different ways. I think nurture also plays a huge role because parents can influence what their children eat and can purchase foods without dye and such additives; decisions made about what you consume when you were a child affects your future eating habits. The FDA's article doesn't really go into depth of scientific thinking and somewhat sugar coats it saying consumers demand foods that hold additives which I think is false. This affects all of us and I know I will raise my children with this in mind.

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