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I used Jabber here at the regional center. It's a way to get an instant message out regardless of what a staff person is currently doing - talking on the phone or in person with someone. At the regional center staff are located on two levels, so sometimes it can save time in eliminating the walking up and down the steps to talk to someone. However, I still prefer to get up and go for walk even if it is up and down the stairs as I feel like it gets my blood running again.

We've tried to use the UMChat with my regional staff that are located in county offices. I thought it would be a great way to reduce the feeling of isolation, etc. However, the staff had mixed response to it, expressing that they like the history record email produces and the personal touch of a voice over the phone.

My son's school is moving to using a Twitter emergency notification this year. I can see great protential with this! Especially since I work an hour northwest of the community where the school is located and in my basement office am unable to get the local radio station feed to come in. The winter weather usually hits Ortonville prior to Morris and the flat prairie land is often a winter white out when the winds blow. More than once I received the notice that school let out to late as I end up driving in a blizzard on the way home. Just one more way of feeling more connected.