Kansas City Chiefs player kills girlfriend, self

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A Kansas City Chiefs player shot his girlfriend before driving to the Chiefs facility and shooting himself, CNN reported.

Jovan Belcher drove to the Chiefs facility and talked with head coach Romeo Crennel and general manager Scott Pioli while holding a gun to his head, thanking them for what they had done for him, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Belcher then walked away from them and shot himself in the head when the police arrived on the scene, CNN reported.

Former President George H. W. Bush hospitalized

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Former President George H. W. Bush remains in a Houston area hosital after being treated for bronchitis, CNN reported.

Bush, 88, has had a severe cough and has been in and out of the hospital for the last couple of weeks, NBC News reported.

The former president is in stable condition and is expected to be released within the next 72 hours, CNN reported.


NY nanny pleads not guilty of murder from hospital bed

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Lying in bed and handcuffed, a nanny plead not guilty in the stabbing deaths of two children through her defense attorney, NBC News reported.

Yoselyn Ortega was watching two children in an upscale Manhattan apartment while their mother was out with a third child. When the mother returned she found her children dead in the bathtub and Ortega on the bathroom floor with apparently self-inflicted stab wounds, CNN reported.

Ortega appeared to be alert but did not speak during the hearing, NBC News reported.

MInnesota's moon rocks found in state building

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Moon rocks from the Apollo 11 moon mission were discovered in a storage area of the Veteran's Service Building in St. Paul, the Star Tribune reported.

President Richard Nixon gave tiny samples of moon rocks to all states and many foreign leaders after the astronauts on the mission brought back almost 50 pounds of rocks and dirt, the Pioneer Press reported.

Minnesota was one of 12 states to misplace the fragments given to them by the president, Joseph Gutheinz said to the Pioneer Press.

Reputed gang member's pig tattoo lands him in jail

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Antonio "Savage" Jenkins Jr. posted a picture of his new tattoo of a "a person holding a pistol to the mouth of a pig dressed in a Minneapolis police uniform with the badge of officer Jeffrey Seidelto" to his Facebook profile, the Pioneer Press reported.

That tattoo led to charges of making a terrorist threat for the benefit of a gang, the Pioneer Press reported.

The charges could result in a prison sentence of up to five years, the Star Tribune reported.

Two Killed in Itasca County Crash

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A husband and wife were killed Saturday in a single car crash on a wet highway in northern Minnesota, the Star Tribune reported.

Donald Wilson, 56, and Joy Wilson, 54, both of Grand Rapids Minn. were killed in the crash, and neither was wearing a seat belt, the Pioneer Press reported.

Israel Joins Fight in Syria

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The Israeli military has fired a missile into Syria, marking the first time they have entered the conflict, NBC News reported.

Israel has fired missiles as warning shots across the Syrian border after an errant mortar shell landed near an Israeli military installation, Yahoo! reported.

No injuries or damage have been reported inside Israel, NBC News reported.

CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns

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David Petraeus resigned ashead of the Central Intelligence Agency Friday amid scandal due to an extramarital affair, CNN reported.

The FBI launched an investigation after they received a tip that Petraeus was having an affair. The FBI was not probing Petraeus for criminal activity, only because they feared he was "in a vulnerable spot," the Washington Post reported.

Residential Explosion Kills Two in Indianapolis

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An explosion rocked a south Indianapolis neighborhood late Saturday night, Killing two people destroying two houses and leaving 27 other houses uninhabitable, NBC News reported.

About 200 residents were evacuated due to the blast, the cause of which is still unknown, CNN reported.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard dismissed reports of a possible plane crash, NBC News reported.

Bemidji man shot while hunting on public land

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The sheriff's office said it received a call Saturday. Nov. 3, at 9 a.m. that a deer hunter had been shot by another hunter in Turtle River Township, about nine miles northeast of Bemidji, the Pioneer Press reported.

Don Bixby, 66, was killed Saturday while hunting on public land. Bixby's daughter said that her father was careful about gun safety and raised his family to be careful hunters, the Star Tribune reported.