January 19, 2005

Who am I?

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Kadra Omar. I perefer you to call me Kadra. I'm glad to be in Reading class because I can improve my Reading and writing at the same time. I'm not working now but my job is to get pass all my classes and get better grade. I'm also a director in Somali association club and I'm in Tibet club which I enjoy learning different cultures. If I have free time I like to watch Indian movies or American movies. I also like to dance or study.
What am I looking for the anthropology class?
I can honestlly say that I'm looking for different perspective and how cultures are related.

I'm ready to learn and perpared for all my classes and I hope you guys perpared. I wish you all the best and nice meeting you all.
Thanks for reviewing my story.

Posted by omar0038 at 7:14 PM