03 Risk Factors for Electrical Injury:

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Risk factors for electrical injuries in the workplace:
A. Not following safety procedures while working with electrical appliances
B. Not wearing or having the necessary adequate or required personal protective equipment
C. Failure to use insulated tools in areas where there are possible electrical hazards
D. Poor and/or inadequate maintenance of equipment and loose-fitting plugs that can overheat and lead to fire
E. Not implementing or following the necessary lockout/tagout procedures
F. Inadequate worker and supervisor training in electrical safety
G. Not implementing or following safe work procedures
H. Failure to use the right tools for the job
I. Failure to isolate equipment from energy sources before handling equipment (i.e., working on 'live' electrical equipment)
J. Failure to test every circuit and every conductor every time before touching it
K. Not knowing the location of the main electricity supply in case of emergency
L. Inadequate/poor wiring of electrical appliances or equipment
M. Working with exposed electrical parts
N. Working with overhead power lines
O. Improper grounding of potential sources of electric currents and sparks
P. Working with overloaded circuits
Q. Working under damp or wet conditions
R. Working with damaged tools and equipment

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