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color theory response

This was a very intriguing reading. I have not had much education on color theory beyond compliments and split compliment etc. And there was the dreadful color wheel that we had to meticulously mix and paint in 2D with Wanda, I swore I would never use. However, the more that I get into design the more that I realize that it really comes in handy! One this that I really enjoyed in this reading was the different things that different colors represent for different people and what types of moods they can set. This was really helpful because my associations with different colors have been shaped by my life and I haven't looked beyond what they mean to me. I now realize that I am designing for the masses, not just myself. This was really helpful and I want to buy the book because I think that it will really come in handy when designing different things.

my inspiration...

I have to admit that I am just starting to learn about where to look and how to find inspiration for my work. I just always assumed that we had to be creative enough to come up with different things for each project we produce. However, the more I learn about design the more I realize that everything is inspired by something. I look forward to learning to train my eye to see more things and to remember the things that I like so I can bring them back to my own work. Something that I have recently come across is FFFOUND.com. I love it because it makes my mind go to things I would have never thought of on my own. I am very drawn to "pretty things" so here are some of the things that would catch my eye:

Picture 01.png
Picture 2.png

the astonish me problem

'The Astonish Me Problem' is a very interesting and thought provoking article for me. The idea of trompe l'oeil is never something I have thought of in regards to how I design. My approach to design thus far has been about catching peoples attention in order to get them to read the information or to come to the event. I think as designers we all want to astonish people who are viewing our work, but it seems like a very hard concept to grasp. I really look forward to developing my skills to see things and really appeal to my audiences that I am designing for.

what i would love to know about design...

I really want to learn more about how to use symbols and colors to portray a meaning to the audience that the product is meant for. I also to be able to choose appropriate color schemes and pictures in the pieces that I design. I also want to learn more about web design to become more proficient in that area.

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