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I really like the simplicity of this piece. I love the white space and I like the use of something that seems to be universal, a barcode. However, the rainbow does lead one to think of gay pride. I have also scene a lot of posters that use black and white and that narrows the field as well, because essentially this poster is reaching people of all races, not just black and white. I would like to find a solution for that.

Picture 30.png

This is a photo that I am considering using, this photo was taken in DeathValley. They are said to be on the "DeathValley Racetrack" they are not positive how these rocks move. However, I think that it could say something really powerful. It would be a comment on the fact that these rocks can make progress without even trying, just think what we are capable of as intelligent human beings? I don't know... I really like the thought, I don't exactly know how I would execute it.

DeathValley Racetrack

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