May 16, 2008

Leadership and Self-Deception

For many, Leadership and Self-Deception is not a non-traditional book about leadership. In fact, despite being in the title, the word “leadership? does not appear very often in the text. Because participants may have differing views on how this book could related to pharmacy, we’d like to ask participants to post comments on our blog, sharing their insights.

Tell us:
1. What did you think about the core concepts of this book? 

2. How does this topic relate to pharmacy and specifically, leadership in pharmacy?

April 29, 2008

Fred Sightings

You’ve heard Mark Sanborn talk about the original Fred. You’ve read his stories about a “funny Fred,? a “generous Fred? and a “famous Fred.? You’ve also watched Tracy Anderson-Haag talk about her own Fred-like tendencies and heard your instructors recall a memorable Fred experience. Now its your turn! 

Tell us about a Fred you encountered and the emotional reaction you experienced from being the recipient of a Fred-like deed.

April 14, 2008

Introduce yourself

Tell us about yourself and provide a good example of a “grassroots leader? that have admired.

Oftentimes, online participants will find they have a lot in common with another participant. Therefore, we encourage you to sign your posting and leave your email address. Then, if someone wants to contact you, they can do so.